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Age: 25

Height: 5”6

Hair Color: Brown

Eyes Color: Green

Current location: Paris, France

Favorite movies: Her, Arrival, The Sixth Sense

Favorite plays: Translations, Betrayal, Constellations

Favorite books: 4321The Goldfinch



Romeo & Juliet | Rolecall Theater | Dir. Lyssa Hoganson


Hamlet | Rolecall Theater | Dir. Lyssa Hoganson​


The Matchmaker | Syracuse University | Dir. Nicholas Kowerko​

Special Skills

Fluent in French and English, proficient in Spanish, RP accent, French accent, Cockney accent, ballet training (8 years), modern dance training (2 years), jazz training (3 years), ballroom dancing, classical text training, clown training, NC Driver’s License, European passport, stage combat (hand to hand and rapier)

Irene Molloy

Romeo & Juliet | Syracuse University | Dir. Thom Miller​

Lady Capulet

Jack, or the Submission | Syracuse University | Dir. Nicholas Kowerko​

Roberta I, Roberta II

The Skin of Our Teeth | Syracuse University | Dir. Nicholas Kowerko​

Fitzpatrick, Hester

Twelfth Night | Shakespeare's Globe Ed. Program |

Duke Orsino

Training & Workshops

The Outlet​


She Dies in the End


All Backed Up


The Trees that Grew Apart


Mourning in a Park

Female Lead 

Set Life Stories



Bachelor of Fine Arts in Acting, Syracuse University

Acting: Ralph Zito, Rob Bundy, Katie McGerr, Nicholas Kowerko

Voice/Verse: Thom Miller, Celia Madeoy

Movement: Steve Cross, Felix Ivanov, Kathleen Baum

Le Foyer Formation Profesionelle de l'Acteur

Acting: Arnaud Denis, Delphine Depardiu, Maxime D'Aboville, Beatrice Agenin, Axel Blind, Pierre Forest

Shakespeare's Globe Education Program in London

Cours Florent in Paris

North Carolina's Governor School, Theater Concentration

University of North Carolina School of the Arts, summer session

Acting: Rob Lutfy, Kelly Maxner

Venus in Fur 


Casting Director

Ottonomous Productions

House of the Spirits

Production Assistant

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