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Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare

Pauline's second collaboration with Rolecall Theater in Atlanta, she will be tackling the Bard once more as the title character of Juliet, a dream role of hers! Tickets available here:



New Headshots and a new city, oh my!


Pauline has decided to move to Atlanta, Georgia, to pursue her acting career, focusing on film but still very much open to theater. She hopes to expand her experiences and network, and is excited for this next phase of life.

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Lewis Hecker Virtual Drama Showcase Website goes live!


The Matchmaker by Thornton Wilder


As her last college show, Pauline got to play Mrs. Irene Molloy in The Matchmaker. Due to COVID regulations, the show was recorded and sent out for people to enjoy at home. 

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Romeo & Juliet by William Shakespeare


Pauline was cast as Lady Capulet.

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London Abroad Program at Shakespeare's Globe


While studying Shakespeare at the Globe, Pauline took voice/verse, movement, and text analysis classes along with putting together scenes from Twelfth Night, which she and her peers got to perform on the Globe stage. Additionally, Pauline saw over thirty theatrical productions in London! Her personal favorites? Translations and Lungs.

Shakespeare stage.jpg

Jack, or the Submission


Pauline was cast as Roberta I & Roberta II in this wonderfully comedic piece of absurdist theater. 

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